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Groupe: Raging Speedhorn
Album: Before The Sea Was Built
En 2007, Raging Speedhorn nous propose leur nouvel album, "Before The Sea Was Built", sur SPV et distribu par Fusion 3 au Canada. Avec quelques changements dans la formation, dont le remplacement...
Groupe: Freedom Call
Album: Stairway To Fairyland
Le 2 janvier 1999, le groupe Freedom Call commenait enregistrer leur tout premier album, Stairway to Fairyland. L'enregistrement tait termins quelques mois plus tard. Depuis ce temps, Freedom...
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T Album Styles Anne
T3chn0ph0b1a Grave New World Industrial Electronic Metal 2008
Tagada Jones Descente aux Enfers Punk Metal 2011
Taking Dawn Time to Burn Rock 2010
Talamyus As Long As It Flows... Death / Thrash Metal 2005
Talamyus In These Days Of Violence Death Metal 2007
Tank Tank MetalCore 2007
Tankard The Beauty And The Beer Thrash Metal 2006
Tankard A Girl Called Cerveza Thrash Metal 2012
Tankard One Foot In The Grave Thrash Metal 2017
Tanker Everleave Power Metal 2005
Tanker Sins Progressive Gothic Metal 2008
Taraxacum Spirit of Freedom Heavy Metal 2001
Ted Nugent Motor City Mayhem Rock 2009
Terrordome Well Show you Mosh, Bitch! Thrash Metal 2011
Tersbetoni Metallitotuus Heavy Metal 2005
Testament The Legacy Thrash Metal 1987
Testament Live In London Thrash Metal 2005
Testament Formation of Damnation Thrash Metal 2008
Testament Dark Roots Of Earth Thrash Metal 2012
Thalion (Qc) Dawn Of Chaos Power Metal 2013
The Agonist Prisoners Death Metal Melodic / Metalcore 2012
The Alien Blakk Modes Of Alienation Rock Instrumental 2006
The Amity Affliction Misery MetalCore 2018
The Answer Rise Hard Rock 2006
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual Deathcore 2011
The Black Dahlia Murder Everblack Deathcore 2013
The Cult Born Into This Rock 2007
The Damn Truth Now or Nowhere Rock 2021
The Devil Wears Prada With Roots Above And Branches Below MetalCore 2009
The Duskfall Lifetime Supply of Guilt Death Metal 2006
The Dying Seed Tsuba Stoner Rock 2011
The Few Against Many Sot Death Metal Melodic 2009
The Flaming Lips The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends Rock Alternatif 2012
The Flaming Lips The Terror Rock 2013
The Gates Of Slumber Hymns Of Blood And Thunder Heavy Metal 2009
The Gates of Slumber The Wretch Heavy Metal 2011
The Gathering Disclosure Rock 2012
The Great Old Ones Al Azif Dark Metal 2012
The Haunted Unseen Death Metal Melodic 2011
The Joy Formidable Wolfs Law Alternatif 2013
The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band How I Go Blues/Rock 2011
The Last Embrace Inside Progressive Metal 2006
The Last Felony Aeon Of Suffering Death Metal 2008
The March Of Seasons My Winter MetalCore 2007
The Mighty One Shift Rock 2012
The Morgue Bedtime Music From Beyond The Grave Gothic Metal 2005
The New Cities Lost In City Lights Rock lectronique 2009
The Oath The End Of Times Black Metal 2006
The Ocean Fluxion Post-Hardcore 2009
The Ocean Pelagial Post-Hardcore 2013
The Offspring Days Go By Punk Rock 2012
The Orange Man Theory Riding A Cannibal Horse From Here To... MetalCore 2005
The Order Son Of Armageddon Hard Rock 2006
The Outburst Entertainment Heavy Metal 2008
The Parlor Mob And You Were A Crow Rock 2008
The Powernude Extreme Carnival Hard Rock 2008
The Quill In Triumph Hard Rock 2006
The Resistance Rise from Treason Death Metal 2012
The Resistance Scars Death Metal 2013
The Rocket Summer Of Men and Angels Pop Rock 2010
The Skull The Endless Road Turns Dark Doom Metal 2018
The Sounds Crossing The Rubicon Rock / New Wave 2009
The Storyteller Underworld Power Metal 2005
The Sword Age Of Winters Doom Metal 2006
The SymphOnyx Opus 1: Limbu Gothic Metal 2005
The Unconscious Mind Where Philosophers Fall Death / Black Metal 2013
The Used Vulnerable Rock Alternatif 2012
The Vault / mes Sanglantes Split Death Industrial 2008
Theatre Of Tragedy Forever Is The World Dark / Gothic Metal 2009
Theocracy Theocracy Power Metal 2003
Therion Theli Symphonic Metal 1996
Therion Vovin Symphonic Metal 1998
Therion The Crowning of Atlantis Symphonic Metal 1999
Therion Deggial Symphonic Metal 2000
Therion Secret of the Runes Symphonic Metal 2001
Therion Gothic Kabbalah Symphonic Metal 2007
They Call Me Rico They Call Me Rico Blues/Rock 2011
Thought Chamber Angular Perceptions Progressive Metal 2007
Three The End Is Begun Hard Rock 2007
Threshold March of Progress Progressive Metal 2012
Thrice Major/Minor Post-Hardcore 2011
Thunderstone The Burning Power Metal 2004
Thunderstone Tools of Destruction Power Metal 2005
Thundertale Milzinai Power Metal 2008
Thundra Worshipped By Chaos Black Metal 2006
Thy Majestie The Lasting Power Power Metal 2000
Thyrfing Urkraft Viking Metal 2000
Thyrfing Hels Vite Viking Metal 2008
Tiamat The Scarred People Dark / Gothic Metal 2012
Timeless Miracle Into the Enchanted Chamber Power Metal 2005
Times Of Grace The Hymn Of A Broken Man 2010
Timo Tolkki's Avalon The Land of New Hope Power Metal 2013
Titans Eve The Divine Equal Thrash Metal 2011
Titans Eve Life Apocalypse Thrash Metal 2012
To This Day Chapter 1: Between The Bridge Hardcore 2006
Tol Lethal Cocktail Heavy Metal 2018
Tommy Bolin Whips and Rose 1 Rock 2006
Tommyknockers 3 Thrash Metal 2006
Tormentor Allegoria Blackwine Black Symphonique 2008
Total Devastation Wreck Death Metal 2006
Towards Darkness Solemn Doom Metal 2007
Towersound Towersound Heavy Metal 2005
Toxic Holocaust Conjure and Command Thrash Metal 2011
Toxic Holocaust Chemistry of Consciousness Thrash Metal 2013
Trail Of Tears Free Fall Into Fear Gothic Metal 2005
Trainwreck Architect Traits of The Sick Thrash Metal 2013
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Night Castle Progressive Metal 2009
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) Rock Progressif 2012
Tribunal Veux-tu un bonbon? Avant-Garde Metal 2010
Tribune Elder Lore/The Dark Arts Stoner Rock 2011
Trigger Effect Dare To Ride The Heliocraft Punk Rock 2007
Trillium Alloy Symphonic Metal 2011
Triptykon Eparistera Daimones Black Metal / Avant-Garde 2010
Trivium Shogun Heavy Metal 2008
TrollWar The Traveller's Path Folk Metal 2017
TrollWar Oath of the Storm Folk / Death Metal 2018
Tunguska Mammoth Tunguska Mammoth Sludge 2013
Tuoni Kuolonpyr Industrial Metal / Punk 2014
Turisas Battle Metal Folk Metal 2004
Turisas The Varangian Way Folk Metal 2007
Turmion Ktilt Hoitovirhe Industrial Metal 2004
Turmion Ktilt U.S.C.H Industrial Metal 2008
Turmion Ktilt Technodiktator Industrial Metal 2013
Tvangeste Firestorm Black Symphonique 2002
Twilight Odyssey Twilight Odyssey Heavy Metal 2005
Twisted Into Form Then Comes Affliction To Awaken The Dreamer Progressive Metal 2006
Type O Negative Dead Again Gothic Metal 2007
Tyr Eric The Red Progressive Metal 2006
Tyr Ragnarok Folk Metal 2006
Tyr Land Folk Metal 2008
Tyr By The Light Of The Northern Star Viking Metal 2009
Tr The Lay of Thrym Viking Metal 2011
Tyr Valkyrja Folk Metal 2013
Tyranny Tides Of Awakening Doom Metal 2005
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