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Date: 20 Mars 2011
  • Metallica : Nouveau site internet le 28 mars 2011.
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    Le groupe heavy metal Metallica mettra en ligne son nouveau internet le 28 mars 2011. Il a combiné trois de ses sites (,, en un seul pour facilité la navigation. Il y aura aussi beaucoup de nouvelles photos, vidéos exclusifs, etc.

    Voici le message officiel:

    "It might seem like things have been a little quiet at Metallica HQ, but not so! While Big 4 shows are being confirmed and the studio prepped for recording, the hard working web crew has been hunkered down building a brand new web site for all things 'Tallica, and we are just about ready to unveil it to you!

    On March 28th, a new and expanded version of will be launched. What do we mean by expanded? Well, we're folding all three of our sites (,, into one to ensure that everyone has easy access to the touring and fan club sections along with newly organized fun facts and details about every album, video, song, tour date, band member and event... in general way more stuff about us than you ever wanted to know! We also dug into the web archives and added the full Mission: Metallica gallery of photos and videos and of course all the usual stuff is still there - wallpapers, videos, timelines, photo galleries, message boards, and more.

    For those of you who like variety, you will still be able to "skin" the site with graphics from your favorite Met albums and other art and photos... they've all been re-designed and updated!

    You will notice some changes over the next ten days while we do the final preparations for the big move, most notably that the MetStore (including fan club registration) will be closed starting at noon on Monday, March 21st. All the websites will be unavailable for a few days starting March 25 until we come back online with the new site on March 28th. Never fear, though, you can follow our progress and get any important news updates on Twitter, Facebook and the message boards.

    We've had a blast combing through the archives and pulling it all together and thank you in advance for your patience while we move. See you in a few days with a new look!!"

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    Marc Desgagné
    Posté par
    Marc Desgagné
    le 20 Mars 2011
    Début: 1981
    Pays: États-Unis
    Style: Heavy Metal
    Site Internet: Visiter
    MySpace: ...
    L'un des premiers groupes metal a avoir connu un succès planétaire a été créé en 1981 lorsque le batteur Lars Urlich et le chanteur James Hetfield se sont rencontrés à Los Angles,...
    Dernière critique
    Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (2016)
    La patience, c'est devenue une vertue importante à respecter pour les nombreux fans de la formation metal américaine Metallica. D'ailleurs, cette patience...
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