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Date: 10 Juillet 2017
  • Five Finger Death Punch : Ivan Moody remercie ses fans pour leur soutient et prévoit revenir sur scène le 19 août prochain
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    Le chanteur de Five Finger Death Punch, Ivan Moody, a publié un communiqué afin de remercier les fans du groupe et les autres membres pour leur soutient pendant qu'il reçoit des traitements pour ses abus de substances. 

    Moody a été obligé de s'absenter de plusieurs spectacles européens en raison de ses problèmes d'alcool. Il a été remplacé temporairement par Tommy Vext (ex: Divine Heresy, Bad Wolves). Moody prévoit revenir sur scène avec le groupe le 19 août prochain.

    Five Finger Death Punch et In Flames feront une tournée européenne en novembre et décembre.

    Moody :

    "I wanted to write to all of you and express my deep regret for not being able to finish the last few shows on our European summer tour.

    I am in a treatment facility addressing the addiction issues that have interfered with everything in my life.

    I love you guys and I love my band... It's what I do and I can't imagine my life without it. I am 100% committed to getting healthy so I can get back on stage with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH.

    At this point, I am on track to return to the band with a vengeance in Springfield, Illinois, when we begin the next leg of our North American tour dates. It's my intention to sing at each and every future show we are committed to, in North America and in Europe. I can't wait to put all of this behind me and move forward.

    I'd like to thank Tommy Vext for doing such a great job filling in for me while I was away. I'd like to thank my brothers in 5FDP for supporting me through these hard times. We've been through hell and back and we're not gonna stop here. I would also like to thank my family and friends for standing behind me while I take care of what I need to regarding my health. But most importantly, I'd like to thank you, the fans, for your unwavering support as I recover. This has not been an easy year for me, but your encouragement and positivity is what keeps me going.

    See all you Knuckleheads on August 19th!!"

    Five Finger Death Punch avec Tommy Vext :

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    Marc Desgagné
    Posté par
    Marc Desgagné
    le 10 Juillet 2017
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