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Date: 28 Mai 2017
  • While Heaven Wept : Tom Phillips se retire du monde de la musique
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    Mauvaise nouvelle pour les fans de la formation metal While Heaven Wept, puisque le claviériste/guitariste/chanteur Tom Phillips a annoncé qu'il se retire du monde de la musique. Il était l'un des membres fondateurs.

    Il mentionne s'être perdu au cours des années et qu'il n'a pas assez pensé au moment présent. Il dit avoir perdu beaucoup de temps tout en négligeant ses proches.

    Voici son explication sur Facebook :

    "The time has come to give up the ghost. I am officially retiring from touring, making commercial albums, losing myself in the music, pursuing the ultimate rigs or some elusive sound that I hear but can never reach; I've spent a lifetime pouring my heart and soul out through albums - when I should've been pouring my heart and soul out to the people who mattered the most. I've become a self-fulfilling prophecy, always trying to heal from the past, looking too far into the future, neglecting the present. I have lost so much more than I have ever gained. I am content to leave off with the anniversary show at Hammer Of Doom a few years ago and Suspended At Aphelion - and I knew deep down that these would likely be the last things I would do professionally even as they were happening. I'm at peace with that.

    "The Walpyrgus is in essence taking care of some unfinished business and it turned out the way we all wanted it to. I am at peace with that as well. I've spent the last couple years circling around debating inside of myself, whether or not I could actually walk away from this, and the answer is 'yes, I can'. I am haunted by all of the unintentional casualties along the way, and I want to convey how sorry I am to everyone who I've hurt - please know it wasn't what I wanted. I just wanted to be whole again, to be the best I could be - for you. I look around at the desolation in my life and it is beyond description. I appreciate deeply those of you who have reached out from nowhere recently - I know not all is lost despite being in a very dark place - but that which I have lost can never be replaced. Please do not feel sorry for me - I brought it upon myself and I'm doing what I know I need to do to not make those same mistakes again. I know that I can be a better teacher, friend, lover, and human being...but I have to let go of the past and resolve the things left untreated for so long to do so. Sobriety has afforded me the clarity to look at all of this, but for too long I've been pondering instead of acting. I've been taking baby steps towards all this for a couple years now, but now it's time to walk on. I want to thank every single person who ever gave a part of themselves along the way and everyone who supported WHW in any way. I kept all of your letters, Emails, remember your faces and stories, I cherish the times we shared. I hope that my struggles have made a difference for even one of you out there - if only to know that you're not alone. Please, everyone out there: don't take anything for granted, communicate fearlessly, show the people you love that you do in actions and words, strive to have a positive impact on lives and the world. If you need me, reach out, no matter where I am, I'll be there. For now...goodnight, travel well."

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    While Heaven Wept
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    Marc Desgagné
    Posté par
    Marc Desgagné
    le 28 Mai 2017
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    While Heaven Wept
    Fear Of Infinity (2011)
    Vers la fin du mois d'avril 2011, la formation originaire de la Virginie While Heaven Wept a rendu disponible son quatrième album "Fear of Infinity" sur Nuclear Blast. Ce n'est pas...
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