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Date: 06 Août 2007
  • Sonata Arctica : Jani Liimatainen quitte le groupe.
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    Jani Liimatainen quitte définitivement le groupe. Il sera remplacé par Elias Viljanen.

    Voici ce que Sonata Arctica a donné comme raison sur leur site officiel:

    "As many already know, our guitarist Jani Liimatainen has been absent from the line-up this spring and summer. The reason was his messing around with his compulsory military/civil/prison duty, or rather, complete failure to take care of it.

    This matter, and everything that goes with it, caused a split between Jani and the other band members. This split was impossible to mend without Jani's help and co-operation.

    Therefore we would like to make known the following:
    During fall of '06 and spring of '07, Jani's personal matters and actions drove us to a situation where we had no option but to ask Jani to leave the band.

    Jani was notified of this in May, and the separation was amicable. We wanted to give Jani the chance to get his life together before making this public, which is why we didn't make this announcement earlier. We wish Jani well on his chosen path.

    "Show must go on", so, facing the facts, we hereby humbly announce that Elias Viljanen is from this day forward a full and official member of Sonata Arctica.

    Throughout this summer, on many occasions, Elias has shown himself to be able to fill the big boots Jani left behind.

    We hope our friends and our fans understand that this was the only choice left for us to make so that our band could continue. Sonata Arctica has always been, and always will be, more than the sum of its parts. The band has become for us a way of life, a lifeline that simply can not be cut off.

    A long "Unia" -tour lies in front of us. We extend Elias a warm welcome to the Sonata family, and we hope the fans will, too. Sonata Arctica is whole again.

    See you on the road!

    Best regards,
    ~Tony, Tommy, Marko, and Henrik"
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    Guillaume Cyr
    Posté par
    Guillaume Cyr
    le 06 Août 2007
    Sonata Arctica
    Début: 1996
    Pays: Finlande
    Style: Power Metal
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    Sonata Arctica est né en 1996 à Kemi. Au tout début, le groupe portait le nom Tricky Beans. Avec le nom Tricky Beans, ils ont produit 3 demos (Friend till the End, Agre Pamppers et...
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    Sonata Arctica
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    Après deux ans d'attente, la formation metal mélodique finnoise Sonata Arctica est finalement de retour en mars 2014 avec sa huitième offrande "Pariah's Child". En 2013, le groupe a...
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