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Date: 19 Mai 2006
  • Blind Guardian : Titre du prochain album.
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    "A Twist In The Myth" est le nom que portera le prochain album de BLIND GUARDIAN dont la sortie est prévue pour Septembre chez Nuclear Blast.
    En voici le contenu:

    1.This Will Never End (5:07)

    2.Otherland (5:14)

    3.Turn The Page (4:16)

    4.Fly (5:43)

    5.Carry The Blessed Home (4:03)

    6.Another Stranger Me (4:36)

    7.Straight Through The Mirror (5:48)

    8.Lionheart (4:15)

    9.Skalds And Shadows (3:13)

    10.The Edge (4:27)

    11.The New Order (4:49)

    La pochette de "A Twist In The Myth" est disponible ICI.

    Pour finir, Hansi a adressé quelques mots aux fans concernant ce nouvel album, les voici:

    Dear friends,

    Time to break the silence, time to say hello. As you all most probably know: we have finished the album some days ago and started doing some first shows already. It has been a blast to be back on stage again and do these small shows in Rijssen and Vosseljaar. We appreciate the kindness and the support of the people there and enjoyed the club atmosphere a lot. Istanbul was a great experience and "The Bard's Song" sung by more than 2000 Turkish fans has been nothing but spectacular. I could go on like that but I guess what you are more interested in at the moment is the new album. Even though the secret is revealed already I would like to point out one more time the album is entitled "A Twist in the Myth" and that's just because I unfortunately could not find allies for my most favorite album title suggestion "A Day at the Races". :)

    With this album, I think, we have widened the range of the Blind Guardian universe more than we have ever done before. Comparing it with a compass "Fly" would be west, "Skalds and Shadows" east, "This will never end" south and "The Edge" would be north. Does that mean anything? No. But it sounded good, when I first thought about it. Now I think it's not worth to be deleted.

    In terms of quality we have had a very good feeling during the whole recording session. But I nevertheless have do admit, that the songs did make a gigantic step during the last days of recording and the mixing session.

    While doing the last recording steps, which traditionally are reserved for backing vocals, all songs have made a significant raise in quality. To give you a very small idea about what to expect, I tell you this: "The Edge" and "In search of the Lionheart" certainly will achieve absolute cult status within a very short amount of time. They are very heavy, almost thrashy, though very progressive in certain ways.

    "Skalds and Shadows" will prove its longevity in numerous live concerts. To those who consider it a "The Bard's Song" rip off: the album version clearly proves it is a "A Past and Future Secret" rip off, with a different melody, different rhythm pattern and different lyrics, which reminds one of "Harvest of Sorrow". :)

    Marcus and I composed a number called "All the King's Horses", which will be released on the Japanese version of "A Twist in the Myth" and on a single we are going to release in the beginning of 2007. It is a great song which will set emotions free, I am sure.

    We are most excited about what your reaction to "Another Stranger Me" – an aggressive and powerful Heavy Rocker – will be. The song has great potential.

    A very good mixture of the Blind Guardian blend we have found in the songs "This will never end", "Straight through the mirror", "Carry the blessed home", "Turn the Page", "New Order" and "Otherland". These songs will be enjoyable for all B.G. fans. They contain most strong elements of the past and a very good amount of new elements – so they offer a perfect mixture of both worlds, i.e. they present a constant mixture of bombastic elements, surprising breaks, an endless amount of new and very catchy melodies and the right grade of heaviness. Nuclear Blast is going to release a digi pack version containing interviews and one bonus track. This song is called "Dead Sound of Misery" and presents a dark version of "Fly". While mixing the album it was very difficult for us to decide which version would be the better one. Knowing "Fly" already you will be led from surprise to surprise. The song clearly proves nothing is how it seems to be.

    The album is going to be released in the first days of September. As you all know by now Anthony Clarkson did a great cover artwork and Nikolay Simkin's booklet design is simply outstanding.

    Some of the new songs will be presented on the road when we will start touring in September. We will use the summer break to check out which songs will fit in best to the program.

    So everything and everyone is in pretty good shape. All preparations for the Fall tour are on schedule and the interest in tickets for the tour is really high. It pretty much looks like there are even more fans willing to see us than in 2002 which was the most successful tour we have done up to now. I'd better let you go and stop here. One more time we would like to thank for your patience and can't wait to hear and see your reaction to the new songs. As soon as there are some download samples, we will let you know. Your endurance will be rewarded.
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    Paolo Ouellet
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    Paolo Ouellet
    le 19 Mai 2006
    Blind Guardian
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    Il faut retourner en 1985 lorsque deux collègues à l'école, Hansi Kursch et Andre Olbrich, décident de former un groupe de metal après avoir eu des problèmes avec leur projet respectif. Le...
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    Blind Guardian
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    Règle générale, il s'écoule environ quatre ans entre les derniers albums studio de Blind Guardian. Nous voici donc dans cette quatrième année et la troupe de bardes allemands nous offre...
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