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Date: 14 Mars 2013
  • VH1 Classic : Nouvelle saison de Behind The Music Remastered consacrée au hard rock et metal, début 16 mars.
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    VH1 Classic débutera la nouvelle saison de "Behind The Music Remastered" en fin de semaine. Quels sont les deux styles en vedette pour cette saison ? Le hard rock et le metal !

    Cette saison nous offrira la première de deux nouveaux épisodes consacrés à Motörhead et Deep Purple. Le réseau présentera aussi des versions remasterisées et mises à jour des épisodes de Foreigner, Bad Company, Twisted Sister, Pantera et Thin Lizzy.

    La saison débute le 16 mars avec Music Remastered: Foreigner à 21h (ET).

    23 Mars: Behind The Music Remastered: Bad Company
    30 Mars: Behind The Music Remastered: Twisted Sister
    06 Avril: Behind the Music Remastered: Pantera
    13 Avril: Behind The Music Remastered: Thin Lizzy
    20 Avril: Behind The Music Remastered: Motörhead
    27 Avril: Behind The Music Remastered: Deep Purple


    Résumé des épisodes:

    Behind The Music Remastered: Foreigner - Premieres Saturday, March 16th at 9 PM ET/PT - The band behind the rock classics "Hot Blooded", "Jukebox Hero" and the # 1 pop anthem, "I Wanna Know What Love Is", shine a light on their status as one of the most popular bands of the 70's and 80's. Foreigner sold over 37 million albums in North America alone, yet the strain caused from egos and life-threatening illnesses forced Mick Jones and Lou Gramm to go their separate ways. New updates include interviews with all of the current members of Foreigner, including ex-drummer Jason Bonham and the band's current singer, Kelly Hansen.

    Behind The Music Remastered: Bad Company - Premieres Saturday, March 23rd at 9 PM ET/PT - Starting from the super group's formation all the way to theiruntimely demise, "Behind The Music" tells the story of Bad Company through their reign as being one of the biggest bands in the world. This edition features the band's reunion at the Sweden Rocks festival, the success of Paul Rodger's collaboration with Queen, and the death of founding member and bassist, Boz Burrell.

    Behind The Music Remastered: Twisted Sister - Premieres Saturday, March 30th at 9 PM ET/PT - The cross dressing video pioneers who brought us "We're Not Going To Take It" and "I Wanna Rock" were on top of the world in the mid 80's, but fell from grace becoming the whipping boys for everything bad about rock-n-roll.Updates to the episode include their triumphant reunion for a New York 9/11tribute rock concert, their successful X rated Christmas album, and why they abandoned the make-up and continue to rock to this day.

    Behind the Music Remastered: Pantera - Premieres Saturday, April 6th at 9 PM ET/PT - Pantera leaves behind a legacy of being perhaps the most important heavy metal band of the 90's. Long after the tragic on-stage murder of guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott, their story lives on in this episode. New footage includes interviews with those who also lost loved ones on the tragic night Dime was murdered, as well as new interviews with Dime's widowed girlfriend, Rita Haney, bassist Rex Brown, and singer Phil Anselmo, who extends an olive branch of peach to Dime's brother, Vinnie Paul.

    Behind The Music Remastered: Thin Lizzy - Premieres Saturday, April 13th at 9 PM ET/PT - Thin Lizzy may have never gotten the recognition they deserved in the US, but the Irish rockers have certainly left their mark in music history. "Behind The Music" captures the life and the untimely death of their charismatic singer, Phil Lynott, as well as the new additions to the group that followed. New additions to the episode also include the discovery of new recordings from the original Lynott lineup.

    Behind The Music Remastered: Motörhead - Premieres Saturday, April 20th at 9 PM ET/PT - This is the first all-original Behind the Music Remastered episode, and what story's more compelling then that of Lemmy Kilmister and his band, Motörhead. From his start as an English working-class man with big dreams, Kilmister made his way to the top to become one of the most feared and respected man in rock n' roll. This episode features all-new original interviews with rock legends Ozzy Osborne, Dave Grohl, Slash, and Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Robert Trujillo, as well as interviews with the current lineup of Motörhead, (Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee). The classic lineup of "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Phil "Filthy Animal" Taylor also make appearances.

    Behind The Music Remastered: Deep Purple - Premieres Saturday, April 27th at 9 PM ET/PT - Deep Purple were true rock n' roll: outrageous, bold, daring. Despite their limited success with the American mainstream, Deep Purple fans define the band as being one of the most important rock groups in music. They join Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in being one of the pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and their memorable riffs and classic songs are still in the hearts of metal fans today. Metallica's Lars Ulrich, band members Richie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse, Glenn Hughes, and many more lend their voice to tell the story of this epic rock band.

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