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Groupe: Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi
Album: Who Cares
Il est difficile d’expliquer le concept qui entoure cet album. Who Cares n’est pas un groupe en tant que tel… ou oui, ça dépend… Ici, c’est le nom d’un album et c’est un disque qui...
Groupe: Nightwish
Album: From Wishes to Eternity (DVD)
Vous êtes déjà aller voir Nightwish en concert? Si vous répondez non à cette question et que vous aimez bien ce groupe, vous devez absolument visionner ce DVD! J’ai eu la chance d’en voir un de mes...
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A Album Styles Année
A Forest Of Stars The Corpse of Rebirth Avant-Garde Metal 2008
A Perfect Murder Strength Through Vengeance MetalCore 2005
A.C.T Silence Rock Progressif 2006
Aborted Strychnine.213 Death Metal 2008
Aborted Global Flatline Death Metal 2012
Aborted Necrotic Manifesto Death Metal 2014
Absolute The Ultimate Show Rock 2007
Abysmal Torment Epoch Of Methodic Carnage Death Metal 2006
AC/DC Power Up Hard Rock 2020
Accept Best of Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall Heavy Metal 1983
Accept Metal Heart Heavy Metal 1985
Accept Blood of the Nations Heavy Metal 2010
Accept Stalingrad Heavy Metal 2012
Acephalix Deathless Master Death Metal 2012
Acid Witch Witchtanic Hellucinations Doom Metal 2012
Acrassicauda Only The Dead See The End Of The War Thrash Metal 2010
Acylum The Enemy Industrial Electronic Metal 2009
Adagio Sanctus Ignis Progressive Metal 2001
Adagio Underworld Progressive Metal 2003
Adagio Dominate Progressive Metal 2006
Adagio Archangels In Black Progressive Heavy Metal 2009
Adamind Balance Progressive Metal 2007
Adelaid Juste Une Voix Hard Rock 2005
Ador Dorath Symbols Black Metal 2005
Adorned Brood Noor Folk Metal 2008
Adrenaline Mob Omertà Heavy Metal 2012
Adrenechrome Hideous Appetites Stoner Rock 2012
Advent Of Bedlam Behold The Chaos Death Metal 2010
Aeon Aeons Black Death Metal 2012
Aephanemer Prokopton Death Metal Melodic 2019
Aesma Daeva Dawn Of The New Athens Symphonic Metal 2007
Aeternam Disciples of the Unseen Death Metal Melodic 2009
Aeternam Moongod Death Metal 2012
Aetherius Obscuritas Black Medicine Black Metal 2009
Aevlord The Nomad’s Path Black Symphonique 2012
After The Burial Evergreen MetalCore 2019
Agonizer Visions of The Blind Heavy / Power Metal 2016
Agony Apocalyptic Dawning Death Metal 1995/2006
Ahab The Call Of The Wretched Sea Doom Metal 2006
AHOLA Stoneface Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 2012
AHOLA Tug Of War Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 2014
Aina Days Of Rising Doom Power Metal 2004
Aina (USA) Living In A Boy's World Hard Rock 2005
Airbourne No Guts. No Glory Hard Rock 2010
Airbourne Boneshaker Hard Rock 2019
Airheads Airheads (Film: DVD/CD) Heavy Metal 1994
Ajdath Triangle Of Death Death Metal 2007
Aklaska Le Triathlon Des Amorphes Punk Metal 2018
Alcest Le Secret (ré-édition) Black Metal / Avant-Garde 2011
Alcest Les Voyages De L'Âme Black Metal / Avant-Garde 2012
Alestorm Captain Morgans Revenge Folk Metal 2008
Alestorm Black Sails at Midnight Folk Metal 2009
Alestorm Back Through Time Folk Metal 2011
Alestorm No Grave But the Sea Power / Folk Metal 2017
Alestorm Curse of the Crystal Coconut Pirate Metal 2020
Alex Beyrodt Voodoo Circle Hard Rock 2008
Alexander Rybak Christmas Tales Pop / Folk / Christmas 2012
All Else Fails The Oracle : What Was, Is, And Could Have Been Death Metal Melodic 2011
All Else Fails Fucktropolis MetalCore 2013
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence Deathcore 2006
All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends Deathcore 2011
All That Remains For We Are Many MetalCore 2010
Allen Lande The Revenge Heavy Metal 2007
Almah Fragile Equality Power Metal 2008
Altaria Divinity Power Metal 2004
Alternine Alternine EP Rock 2008
Altitudes and Attitude Get It Out Rock 2019
Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer Rock Pop 2008
Amaran's Plight Voice In The Light Progressive Metal 2007
Amaranthe Amaranthe Gothic Metal 2011
Amartia Marionette Progressive Metal 2006
Amaseffer Slaves For Life Progressive Metal 2008
aMbryO aMbryO Death Metal 2004
American Bang American Bang Rock 2010
American Dog Merry Christmas Asshole Hard Rock 2012
Amesoeurs Amesoeurs Black Metal / Avant-Garde 2009
Amethys Asmethee Heavy Metal 2006
Amon Amarth With Oden On Our Side Death Metal 2006
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God Gothenburg Metal 2008
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods Death Metal 2013
Amoral Show Your Colors Heavy Metal 2009
Amorphis Eclipse Death Metal 2006
Amorphis The Beginning Of Times Gothic Metal 2011
Amorphis Circle Death Metal Melodic 2013
Amorphis Queen of Time 2018
Anaal Nathrakh Hell is Empty, and all the Devils are Here Black Metal 2007
Anaal Nathrakh Vanitas Black Métal/Grindcore 2012
Ancestors Revenge Heretical Halitosis Death / Black Metal 2009
Ancestors Revenge The Archaic Return Death / Black Metal 2013
Anciients Heart of Oak Progressive Metal 2013
Andre Adersen - Paul Laine - David Readman Three Heavy Metal 2006
Andy Timmons Band Resolution Rock Instrumental 2006
Anemonia No Looking Back Gothic Metal 2005
Angel Dust Into the Dark Past Thrash Metal 1986
Angel Dust Border of Reality Heavy Metal 1998
Angel Dust Bleed Heavy Metal 1999
Angel Dust Enlighten the Darkness Heavy Metal 2000
Angel Witch Angel Witch Heavy Metal 1980
Angra Angels Cry Power Metal 1993
Angra Holy Land (Edition limitée) Power Metal 1996
Angra Holy Live Power Metal 1997
Angra Fireworks Progressive Metal 1998
Angra Rebirth Progressive Metal 2001
Angra Temple of Shadows Power Metal 2004
Angra Aurora Consurgens Progressive Metal 2006
Angra Aqua Progressive Power Metal 2010
Angstorm Haine et Tragédie Black Metal 2008
Anhkrehg Le Mensonge De Massada Black Metal 1997
Anhkrehg Lands Of War Black Metal 2000
Anhkrehg Against You All... Black Metal 2004
Anne Robillard Les Cordes De Cristal - 01 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 2012
Annihilator The Best Of Thrash Metal 2004
Annihilator Schizo Deluxe Thrash Metal 2005
Anonymus Ni Vu Ni Connu Thrash Metal 1994
Anonymus Stress Thrash Metal 1997
Anonymus Instinct Thrash Metal 1999
Anonymus Daemonium Thrash Metal 2002
Anonymus L'Académie du Massacre Thrash Metal 2003
Anonymus Chapter Chaos Begins Thrash Metal 2006
Anonymus Musique Barbare (avec Mononc Serge) Thrash Metal 2008
Anonymus Envers Et Contre Tous Thrash Metal 2015
Anonymus Sacrifices Thrash Metal 2019
Antares Predator Twilight Of The Apocalypse Black / Thrash Metal 2010
Anthrax Worship Music Thrash Metal 2011
Anthrax Anthems Thrash Metal 2013
Anthropia The Ereyn Chronicles Part One - The Journey Of Beginnings Progressive Metal 2006
Anthropia The Chain Reaction Progressive Metal 2009
Anthropia Acoustic Reactions Progressive Metal 2010
Antigama Stop the Chaos Death Metal / Grindcore 2012
Antigama Meteor Grindcore 2013
Antropomorphia Evangelivm Nekromantia Death Metal 2012
Anvil Juggernaut of Justice Heavy / Power Metal 2011
Anvil Monument Of Metal: The Very Best Of Anvil Heavy Metal 2011
Anvil Pounding the Pavement Heavy Metal 2018
Aosoth Ashes Of Angels Black Metal 2009
Apocalyptica Inquisition Symphony Symphonic Metal 1998
Apocalyptica Cult Symphonic Metal 2001
Apocalyptica Reflections Symphonic Metal 2003
Apocalyptica Cell O Rock 2020
Apokatastasia Shedding Progressive Metal 2005
Apostle of Solitude From Gold To Ash Doom Metal 2018
Aquaria Luxaeterna Progressive Metal 2005
Aquefrigide Un Caso Isolato Industrial Metal 2005
Arapacis Consequences of dreams Progressive Gothic Metal 2009
AraPacis Netherworld Progressive Gothic Metal 2011
Arcanum The End Is Just The Beginning Heavy Metal 2008
Arch Enemy Wages Of Sin Death Metal 2002
Arch Enemy Anthems Of Rebellion Death Metal 2003
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine Death Metal 2005
Arch Enemy Rise Of The Tyrant Death Metal 2007
Arch Enemy Tyrants of the Rising Sun Death Metal Melodic 2008
Arch Enemy Khaos Legions Death Metal Melodic 2011
Arch/Matheos Sympathetic Resonance Progressive Metal 2011
Archons Demo 2006 Death Metal 2006
Archons The consequences of silence Gothenburg Metal 2008
Arckanum Antikosmos Black Metal 2008
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors Black Metal 2002
Ari Koivunen Becoming Power Metal 2008
Arietta Migration Rock Progressif 2009
Ark Storm The Everlasting Wheel Power Metal 2004
Arkaea Years in the Darkness Industrial Grind / Death Metal 2009
Arkona Ot Serdtsa K Nebu Folk Metal 2008
Arkona Slovo Pagan Metal 2011
Armored Saint La Raza Heavy Metal 2010
Armory The Dawn Of Enlightenment Power Metal 2007
Arsebreed Munching The Rotten Death Metal 2005
Arsis A Celebration of Guilt Death Metal 2004
Arsis We Are The Nightmare Gothenburg Metal 2008
Artas The Healing MetalCore 2008
Artefact Ruins Black Metal 2008
Artistes Variés Re-Machined A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head Rock 2012
Artistes variés Noël In Extremis Heavy Metal 2019
As Blood Runs Black Allegiance Deathcore 2006
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us MetalCore 2007
ASG Blood Drive Stoner Rock 2013
Ashent Flaws Of Elation Progressive Metal 2006
Ashes Of Eden The Human: Conditioned Thrash Metal 2007
Asking Alexandria Reckless & Relentless MetalCore 2011
Asmegin Arv Viking Metal 2008
Asperity The Final Demand Power Metal 2004
Asphyx Death... The Brutal Way Death Metal 2009
Asphyx Deathhammer Death Metal 2012
Astral Doors Astralism Power Metal 2006
Astral Doors Requiem Of Time Power Metal 2010
Astral Doors Jerusalem Heavy Metal 2011
Astriaal Renascent Misanthropy Black Metal 2003
At The Soundawn Red Square : We Come In Waves Post-Hardcore 2008
At Vance Facing Your Enemy Power Metal 2012
Atakhama Existence Indifferent Death Metal 2005
Atheist Piece Of Time Death Metal 1990
Atheist Unquestionable Presence Death Metal 1991
Atheist Elements Death Metal 1993
Atheretic Adhesion, Aversion... Death Metal 2001
Atheretic Apocalyptic Nature Fury Death Metal 2006
Atomic Ants Keep Cool And Dry Hard Rock 2006
Atreyu In Our Wake MetalCore 2018
Atrocity Die Gottlosen Jahre Death Metal Melodic / Gothic Metal 2012
Attack Vertical This Glorious World MetalCore 2011
Attila Villain MetalCore 2019
Au-Delà des Ruines Psychose des barbelés Black Metal 2013
Augury Concealed Death Metal 2004
Augury Fragmentary Evidence Death Metal Progressif 2009
Augury Illusive Golden Age Death Metal Progressif 2018
August Burns Red Phantom Anthem MetalCore 2017
Augustana Augustana Rock 2011
Aun Multigone Drone 2008
Aun Motorsleep Drone 2009
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal Thrash Metal 2008
Auteurs variés (livre) Black Metal Beyond the Darkness Black Metal 2012
Authority Zero The Tipping Point Punk Rock 2013
Avantasia Avantasia: The Metal Opera Power Metal 2002
Avantasia Avantasia: The Metal Opera - Part II Power Metal 2003
Avantasia Lost In Space Part 1 Power Metal 2007
Avantasia Lost In Space Part 2 Power Metal 2007
Avantasia The Wicked Symphony Power Metal 2010
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare Heavy Metal 2010
Avsky Malignant Black Metal 2008
Awacks The Third Way Progressive Metal 2006
Axel Rudi Pell Mystica Heavy Metal 2006
Axel Rudi Pell Diamonds Unlocked Heavy Metal 2007
Axel Rudi Pell Tales Of The Crown Heavy / Power Metal 2008
Axenstar The Inquisition Power Metal 2005
Axxis Doom Of Destiny Power Metal 2007
Ayreon Universal Migrator Part 2: Flight Of The Migrator Progressive Metal 2000
Ayreon The Human Equation Progressive Metal 2004
Ayreon The Source Progressive Metal 2017
Azaghal Omega Black Metal 2008
Azrael (US) Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat Black Metal 2007
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